Ink and Emulsion Remover

  • Kor-Chem CP-2, Gallon

    Kor-Chem CP-2

    Kor-Chem CP-2 CP-2 is an economical, one step dip tank solution. This product removes ink, block out, emulsion and capillary film from the screen all at once. CP-2 works on contact to penetrate and easily remove all types and combinations of inks and...

    $36.65 - $168.17
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  • CCI GEM-ZYME Quart


    CCI GEM-ZYME concentrated emulsion remover

    GEM-ZYME EMULSION REMOVER This product is designed for the removal of photo polymer, diazo and capillary film emulsions. This is an extremely concentrated cleaner. When used in full strength, it immediately attacks the emulsion. GEM-ZYME is safe on all...

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