Workhorse Products

Quality and Value

An extensive array of engineering, manufacturing and production resources allows Workhorse Products to produce products of unequaled quality.  Our products and accessories are engineered, designed, and built to last in our vast, state of the art facility in Phoenix, Arizona.

Decades of Durability

Workhorse Products has over 30 years of experience manufacturing screen printing equipment with thousands of machines in the field, both domestically and internationally.  Workhorse is one of the top manufacturers of screen printing equipment in the world.

Support for the Long Haul

Sales and Service teams at Workhorse are among the most experienced in the field. They are capable of handling all your needs and understand that helping you build a successful business requires more than just providing high quality equipment. With lifetime technical support and a worldwide dealer network, we are here to help you succeed. Whether you are a new, existing, small, medium or high production business; we have the sales and service teams in place to help.

***Financing for Workhorse equipment available. Contact us for details.***


    Workhorse WASH-IT

    Available in two sizes, the Wash-It is ideal for developing and reclaiming your screens. Designed to work at waist height, these sinks are ergonomically built for function and comfort. Large Screen Capacity Multiple Screen Capacity Solid,...

  • SD-10 Screen Drying Cabinet

    Workhorse SD-10 Screen Drying Cabinet

    This unit is designed to eliminate problems associated with the screen preparation process. Problems such as dust and foreign materials caught in the emulsion, the application of block out and labor costs to repair pinholes and imperfections, and...


    Workhorse Lumitron LED Exposure Units

    These tabletop and stand alone units deliver fast, uniform and high resolution exposures using long lasting LED light strips. In addition to the fast exposure times and fine line detail, this unit will reduce your set up times, energy costs and overall...

  • Workhorse Freedom Express

    Workhorse Freedom Express

    The Freedom Express is the premier entry-level automatic screen printing press on the market. This fully pneumatic press powered by the Workhorse OS has everything you need to tackle the transition from manual to automatic printing. Utilizing the Owners...

  • Workhorse Cutlass Series

    Workhorse Cutlass Series

    The Cutlass Series is designed with the everyday rigors of your print shop in mind. This automatic screen printing press delivers a perfect balance of affordability and performance. The electric driven indexing with pneumatic print heads combines the...

  • Workhorse Sabre Series

    Workhorse Sabre Series

    The Sabre Series is a state of the art automatic screen printing machine that has revolutionized the screen printing industry with its integration of touch screen control, Workhorse OS, high-quality design, electric indexing and...

  • Odyssey Benchtop Model O4100B

    Workhorse Odyssey Benchtop Models

    The Odyssey bench model printers have a compact tabletop design with an economical price point. This makes them great for start up shops or as a second press to print short run jobs. These presses are light weight and very easy to travel with...

  • Odyssey Floor Model O6400F

    Workhorse Odyssey Floor Models

    The newly redesigned Odyssey Manual Printers are value priced industrial machines with high quality professional upgrades. While this is our “Entry Level” manual screen printing press, it is unmatched in its class. The Odyssey Floor...

  • Mach-M-64-O

    Workhorse Mach Series

    This Mach Series manual screen printing press was designed for the screen printer who makes his or her living behind a squeegee. Light enough for ease of use day in and day out, but solidly welded to provide a rigid platform for life. The Mach...

  • Super Seca Flash Curing Unit SS16C

    Workhorse Super Seca Flash Curing Units

    The Super Seca is the most economical and functional flash cure unit in the industry. Keeping with the Workhorse tradition, the Super Seca is built to last with the dependability you need for your print shops needs. Pictured above is the SS1616C...

  • Workhorse Power Series II

    Workhorse Powerhouse Series Dryers

    The Powerhouse Series II ceramic panel infrared conveyor dryer cures plastisol and water-based ink systems as well as other evaporative cured inks at industrial rated production speeds. The control center is managed via a touch screen tablet which is...

  • Workhorse Powerhouse Quartz 2608

    Workhorse Powerhouse Quartz Dryers

    Quartz technology makes the difference. Our claim to fame with the Powerhouse series is our true understanding of Infrared energy, its emission, and how it affects different materials. Our Quartz technology provides near instant-on capabilities for...

  • Workhorse MD8 Series Dryer

    Workhorse MD8 Series Dryers

     These compact dryers allow you to produce professional, long lasting images even with a limited space or budget. The double wall construction and adjustable oven doors retain oven heat while the exhaust flange allows...