• Kor-Chem Bio-11, Quart

    Kor-Chem Bio-11

    Kor-Chem Bio-11 Bio-11 is an ink degradent, stain remover and degreaser for textile and graphic screen printing. The formulation was designed to be environmentally acceptable, safe and highly...

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  • Kor-Chem Bio-6, 5 Gallons

    Kor-Chem Bio-6

    Kor-Chem BIO-6 Bio-6 is a powerful screen wash, stain remover and degreaser for use on textile and graphic inks. This product works on contact to immediately penetrate, dissolve, and remove ink from...

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  • Kor-Chem Bio-7, Gallon

    Kor-Chem Bio-7

    Kor-Chem Bio-7 Bio-7 is a powerful ink degradent, stain remover and degreaser for textile and graphic screen inks. The highly active formula of Bio-7 works on contact by immediately penetrating and...

    $18.17 - $238.94
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  • Kor-Chem CP-2, Gallon

    Kor-Chem CP-2

    Kor-Chem CP-2 CP-2 is an economical, one step dip tank solution. This product removes ink, block out, emulsion and capillary film from the screen all at once. CP-2 works on contact to penetrate and...

    $36.65 - $168.17
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  • Kor-Chem LD-150, Gallon

    Kor-Chem LD-150

    Kor-Chem LD-150 Liquid Degreaser Concentrate LD-150 is formulated with a powerful combination of surfactants and emulsifiers that rapidly penetrate grease and oil. LD-150 dissolves grease on new...

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  • Kor-Chem PC-235, Gallon

    Kor-Chem PC-235

    Kor-Chem PC-235 PC-235 is press and screen wash that easily opens up image areas on the screen during the production run. Excellent for press side wash up, color changes and as a pre-step to color...

    $13.18 - $167.66
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  • Kor-Chem Hands Down, Gallon

    Kor-Chem Hands Down

    Kor-Chem Hands Down Hands Down is a heavy-duty hand cleaner specially formulated with scrubbing microbeads that provide a gentle deep cleaning action. It easily penetrates, cleans and removes ink,...

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