Reclaim Chemicals

Stencil and Ink removers from Saati and CCI

  • CCI Microwash II, Gallon


    CCI Microwash II

    MICROWASH II is a concentrated water soluble ink degradent and emulsion remover.  It is effective on UV & plastisol inks, and all photo polymer, diazo and capillary film emulsions.  It is safe for use on all types of mesh. Dilute up to 1:5...

    $13.59 - $33.94
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  • SAATI Remove IR4 Quart

    SAATI Remove IR4 Ink Remover

    SAATI Remove IR4 Saati Saatichem Remove IR4 ink remover is an ink degradent for plastisol / textile and nylon inks. It is meant to be used off-press in a washout booth to remove ink from the mesh before reclaiming. It will not lock-up plastisol...

    $12.95 - $179.95
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  • Saati Remove IR11 Ink Remover

    SAATI Remove IR11 Ink Remover

    SAATI Remove IR11 Ink degradent and remover for UV & Solvent inks Can be used for manual or automatic cleaning Safe on CA glue and safe to go down drains Safe on UV and solvent-resistant emulsions

    $18.45 - $202.45
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  • Saati Remove ER25 Emulsion Remover, Quart

    Saati Remove ER25 Emulsion Remover

    Concentrated liquid emulsion remover that removes all stencil types Liquid concentrate Dissolves easily Fast acting and effective Odor free Biodegradable Classified as non-hazardous for shipment Dilutes 1:25.  A quart makes 6.5...

    $14.40 - $259.95
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  • Saati ER6 Emulsion Remover, Quart

    SAATI Remove ER6 Emulsion Remover

    SAATIchem Remove ER6 Emulsion Remover Versatile One-step ink/emulsion combo remover for manual and automatic cleaning Effectively cleans all types of textile inks and emulsions Easy to use one step ink and emulsion remover with low odor Suitable...

    $11.95 - $27.95
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  • CCI Envirowipes


    CCI Envirowipes 150ct

    CCI EnviroWipes are an environmentally friendly solution that’s tough enough to clean screens and many other substrates. EnviroWipes Ink and Screen Wipes are made for screen printing applications using plastisol and water-based inks. These...

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  • Ultimate Cleanup Cards, Case of 1500


    The Ultimate Cleanup Card

    The Ultimate Clean-Up Card is an inexpensive, disposable ink cleaning tool for screen printers. It is convenient, simple to use, and reduces clean-up times.  Low Cost - Time and material saving exceed the cost of a card.Saves Time...

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  • SAATI HC8 Green Apple Hand Cleaner, 4 oz

    SAATI HC8 Hand Cleaner

    SAATI HC8 Green Apple Hand Cleaner Personal cleaner designed for safe and easy removal of the toughest industrial dirt and grime including inks, oils & grease, paints, plumbers putty and other oily soils. Green, water-based lotion Mildly...

    $3.45 - $37.45
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