• CCI The Pink Stuff Degreaser and Dehazer, Gallon


    CCI The Pink Stuff Degreaser and Dehazer

    Are you looking for the household cleaner? Click Here: “The Pink Stuff” is a viscous ghost/image stain remover and degreaser that is designed for all ink systems. This product removes stains with less noticeable odor and...

    $24.02 - $270.20
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  • Kor-Chem LD-150, Gallon

    Kor-Chem LD-150

    Kor-Chem LD-150 Liquid Degreaser Concentrate LD-150 is formulated with a powerful combination of surfactants and emulsifiers that rapidly penetrate grease and oil. LD-150 dissolves grease on new screens and prepares them for the first use. Use LD-150...

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  • Nutralyze Fabric Degreaser Quart


    CCI Nutralyze Fabric Degreaser and Wetter

    This is a super concentrated formula for degreasing and wetting all types of screen fabrics, including polyester, nylon and stainless steel. When completely water rinsed, NUTRALYZE® leaves your fabric free of silicones or other types of...

    $10.50 - $65.50
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