Liquid Emulsions

Screen Printing Emulsions from SAATI, CCI, and Chromaline

TEXTIL is SaatiChem's emulsion specifically for the garment and textile industries. The TEXTIL series uses photopolymer technologies along with emulsions specifically for making very thick stencils on very coarse mesh. This family represents the most technically updated range of direct emulsions to screen the most delicate designs that often bear the name of famous fashion houses.

GRAFIC is SaatiChem’s range of high quality stencil emulsions formulated for general as well as specific graphics printing applications. This series uses dual-cure products that will satisfy the most demanding expectations in terms of print definition, stencil resolution and durability.

ProChem is CCI's range of dual-cure and hybrid emulsions for solvent, UV, plastsol, and water-base inks and feature high solids content for stronger durability and finer resolution stencils.

Magna/Cure is Chromaline's range of dual-cure emulsions for solvent, UV, and plastisol inks.  The high solids content and wide exposure latitude ensure easy-to-make and high quality stencils.

  • Saati Textil PV emulsion

    SAATI Textil PV Emulsion

    SAATI Textil PV Pure Photopolymer Emulsion For garment printing with plastisol ink.  Characteristics Red pure photopolymer direct emulsion resistant to plastisol ink, abrasion and humidity Exposes 8x faster than a diazo or dual-cure...

    $26.95 - $289.95
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  • SAATI Textil PHU Emulsion

    SAATI Textil PHU Emulsion

    SAATI Textil PHU Emulsion General Purpose photoemulsion for all ink types Can be used with plastisol, water-based, and discharge inks Pure photopolymer direct emulsion No mixing required Medium Viscosity Easily coats a wide range of mesh 45%...

    $19.45 - $284.95
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  • Saati Saatitex PHU2 emulsion

    SAATI SAATItex PHU2 emulsion

    SAATI SAATItex PHU2 emulsion is a pure photopolymer emulsion that is universally suitable for all inks, including solvent, water-base, and discharge inks. Dyed red One-part, pre-sensitized.  No mixing, no diazo required! Exposes approximately...

    $19.45 - $59.95
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  • Saati SAATItex PHU-MT Emulsion, Quart

    Saati SAATItex PHU-MT Emulsion

    All purpose solvent and water resistant photoemulsion Characteristics Blue one part pure photopolymer emulsion with universal ink resistance Exposes 8X faster than typical two part emulsions Features/Benefits 45% solids and high viscosity for...

    $19.45 - $284.95
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  • Saati SAATItex PHU-HR Universal Emulsion, Quart

    Saati SAATItex PHU-HR Emulsion

    Saati SAATItex PHU-HR Emulsion All purpose solvent and water resistant photoemulsion Red one part pure photopolymer emulsion with universal ink resistance SBQ technology exposes 6x faster than typical two part emulsions No Diazo Stains - Easy...

    $19.45 - $59.95
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  • Saati Grafic HU Quart

    SAATI Grafic HU

    SAATI Grafic HU Emulsion For UV-cured, plastisol, solvent-based and water-based inks Dual-cure direct emulsion Excellent print definition on any mesh Upon drying, stencils lack the typical tackiness of dual-cure emulsion 39% solids content Blue...

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  • Saati Grafic HU42 Emulsion, Quart

    Saati Grafic HU42 Emulsion

    Saati Grafic HU42 Dual-Cure graphics emulsion General industrial and display graphics, compact disc, half-tone printing. Characteristics Dual-cure direct emulsion for printing UV cured, plastisol, solvent-based, and water-based inks Excellent print...

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  • Chromaline MagnaCure UDC-ACE Emulsion, Gallon

    Chromaline MagnaCure UDC-ACE Emulsion

    ACE = Automatic Coating Emulsion You'll be extremely impressed with how well this emulsion hides imperfections in your screens.  Then, you'll be blown away with its image quality and durability. Color: Light Blue Solids: 37% Viscosity:...

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  • Chromaline Chromalime Emulsion Gallon

    Chromaline Chromalime Emulsion

    Lime Green Pure Photopolymer Direct Emulsion for plastisol inks Pre-Sensitized - no mixing Very Fast Exposing, 15-50 sec typically Works with LED, Fluorescent, Metal Halide, and Mercury Vapor UV lamps in 350-420nm range Fast Drying Stays non-tacky...

    $33.95 - $67.95
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  • Chromaline CT-R Gallon

    Chromaline CT-R Red Emulsion

    Chromaline CTR (Red) Pure Photopolymer Emulsion Direct emulsion for use with plastisol inks on textiles / garments. diazo-free, no mixing! Fast Exposing Fast Drying High Solids - lower cost per screen Superior mesh bridging Sharp Image...

    $33.95 - $67.95
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  • Chromaline ChromaBlue Gallon

    Chromaline ChromaBlue Emulsion

    Chromaline ChromaBlue     ChromaBlue, for use with plastisol inks, is ideally suited for textile printers using direct emulsions who are seeking faster screen turnaround without sacrificing image quality. Features Very fast...

    $33.95 - $67.95
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  • Chromaline Magna/Cure UDC-HV Emulsion, Gallon

    Chromaline Magna/Cure UDC-HV Dyed Emulsion

    Magna/Cure UDC-HV is a workhorse dual cure emulsion, well suited for printers who need a forgiving emulsion. Color: Dyed Violet Solids: 35% Viscosity: Medium Hard, durable stencils Superior mesh adhesion Lightning fast washout and...

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  • Image Mate PC-787 Emulsion, Gallon

    Image Mate PC-787 Hybrid Emulsion

    Image Mate PC787 contains hybrid photopolymer technology that delivers dual-cure performance in a ready-to-use emulsion. Appearance: Violet Solids: 40% Viscosity: Medium Universal ink compatibility Reproduce halftones and fine line...

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  • CCI ProChem VPR Emulsion, Gallon


    CCI ProChem VPR Emulsion

    ProChem VPR is a one-part, ready-to-use textile emulsion, and is recommended for plastisol and water-based inks. It offers durability and excellent image quality. Due to the product's high solids, it yields a better coating, sharper edges, and excellent...

    $31.01 - $392.45
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  • CCI GTX Blue Hybrid Photopolymer Emulsion, Gallon


    CCI GTX Blue Hybrid Photopolymer Emulsion

    ProChem® GTX Blue Emulsion is a one part ready-to-use emulsion, for both graphic and textile applications. It offers durability, excellent image quality, and superior coating characteristics. Due to its hybrid dual-cure/pre-sensitized...

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  • CCI ProChem DC-PLUS emulsion


    CCI ProChem DC-Plus Emulsion

    CCI ProChem DC-PLUS DC-PLUS is a fast drying and faster exposing dual cure photo-emulsion. It is highly resistant to Solvent inks, UV ink systems, Plastisol, and short run Water Based inks. DC-PLUS is compatible with all ink systems. ProChem DC-PLUS...

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  • CCI DXP Pink Emulsion, Quart


    CCI ProChem DXP Pink Emulsion

    CCI ProChem DXP PINK is a fast drying dual cure photo-emulsion recommended for textile printing with Solvent, UV, Plastisol, and short run Water Based inks. Very high solid content - 42% Virtually free of pinholes and fish eyes Extremely durable for...

    $22.95 - $57.95
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  • CCI ProChem WR-14 emulsion


    CCI ProChem WR-14 Emulsion

    CCI ProChem WR-14 Water Resistant Emulsion ProChem WR-14 is a Diazo Sensitized Photo-Emulsion and features excellent water resistance. For plastisol and water based inks Ideal for use with new Phthalate Free Plastisol Inks. excellent water...

    $19.22 - $58.35
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  • CCI ProChem HXT Red Photopolymer Pre Sensitized Emulsion


    CCI ProChem HXT Hybrid Emulsion

    CCI ProChem HXT ProChem HXT is a one part ready-to-use emulsion, for both graphic and textile applications. It offers durability, excellent image quality and superior coating characteristics. Due to its hybrid dual-cure/pre-sensitized...

    $27.06 - $65.05
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  • Saati Diazo 11

    Saati Diazo 11 3.2gm

    SAATI DIAZO 11 is a light sensitive activator for producing screen-printing stencils.  This 3.2gm bottle will sensitize a gallon of emulsion. Instructions Add 6oz of clean filtered water to the bottle, shake and allow to sit for 1 hour...

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