Liquid Emulsions

Screen Printing Emulsions from SAATI, CCI, and Chromaline

TEXTIL is SaatiChem's emulsion specifically for the garment and textile industries. The TEXTIL series uses photopolymer technologies along with emulsions specifically for making very thick stencils on very coarse mesh. This family represents the most technically updated range of direct emulsions to screen the most delicate designs that often bear the name of famous fashion houses.

GRAFIC is SaatiChem’s range of high quality stencil emulsions formulated for general as well as specific graphics printing applications. This series uses dual-cure products that will satisfy the most demanding expectations in terms of print definition, stencil resolution and durability.

ProChem is CCI's range of dual-cure and hybrid emulsions for solvent, UV, plastsol, and water-base inks and feature high solids content for stronger durability and finer resolution stencils.

Magna/Cure is Chromaline's range of dual-cure emulsions for solvent, UV, and plastisol inks.  The high solids content and wide exposure latitude ensure easy-to-make and high quality stencils.

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