International Coatings Inks


Legacy White 7014 - 100% Cotton, Cotton/Poly Blends
Cool White 7022 - 100% Cotton, Cotton/Poly Blends, Polyester, non-woven polypropylene
Blaze Cotton 7038 - 100% Cotton
Guardian Gray 7043 - 100% Polyester, Cotton/Poly Blends, Performance Wear

  • International Coatings Legacy White 7014 Screen Printing Ink

    Legacy White 7014

    Re-designed from the ground up to give customers the best white ink possible. International Coatings believes that their R&D department exceeded expectations, making the 7014 Legacy White one of the best white inks in the market today. In fact, when...

    $37.50 - $385.00
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  • Cool White 7022

    Cool White 7022

    7022 Cool White™ is a low bleed, fast flashing, low tack, flexible curing, non-phthalate plastisol screen printing ink. It has a creamy viscosity with a great body and is suitable for auto and manual presses. Cool White™ offers superior...

    $37.50 - $385.00
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  • Blaze Cotton White 7038

    Blaze Cotton White 7038

    The new and improved Blaze Cotton White 7038 is back and it’s better than ever. Blaze White has been reformulated to provide improved body, coverage, and a more matte finish. Best of all, Blaze is now part of our FlexCure line and can be cured from...

    $37.50 - $385.00
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  • International Coating Guardian Gray 7043 Gallon

    Guardian Gray 7043

    For use on 50/50 Cotton/Polyester Blends, 100% Polyesters International Coatings 7043 Guardian Gray blocks dye migration on problem fabrics that contain polyester, including sublimated dyed fabrics. It can take a variety of top coats depending...

    $107.69 - $1,007.69
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