Pallet Tape and Adhesives

Camie-Campbell, Inc. has been a pioneer in aerosol technology for over 60 years. Camie aerosols contain no chlorofluorocarbons or other ozone depleting chemicals.

  • Tekmar Tekbond TB-HV Pallet Adhesive, 1 Gallon

    Tekmar Tekbond TB-HV Pallet Adhesive

    TEKMAR TB-HV is a revolutionary new water-based pallet adhesive with no solvents or other hazardous ingredients, and is completely non-hazardous. TB-HV affords tremendous economy. 1 quart can replace up to 36 cans of spray adhesive. Up to 70 shirts can...

    $7.45 - $50.45
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  • Sprayway Fast Tack 383 webbing pallet adhesive

    Sprayway Fast Tack 383 Web Pallet Adhesive

    Web type economy pallet adhesive Ideal for screen printing heavier type fabrics Pressure-sensitive formula makes it reposition-able without losing its strength Sprays on easily and evenly Will not transfer to fabric 20oz can (13oz net wt)

    $7.75 - $84.45
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  • Camie 375 Aerosol Flash Cure Adhesive, 14 oz spray can.

    Camie 375 Flash Cure Spray Adhesive

    Specifically designed for screen printing with the flash cure process. Camie 375 is a clear mist adhesive that will hold most textile products, including fleece, and remains tacky after many heat cycles clear mist holds heavy garments, including...

    $9.03 - $108.35
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  • Camie 380 pressure sensitive pallet adhesive, 14 oz spray can

    Camie 380 pressure-sensitive pallet adhesive

    Specially designed pressure-sensitive pallet adhesive for textile screen printers, provides a temporary bond for light weight materials. quick tack low soak-in will not wrinkle fine materials will not stain fabric remains tacky for extended...

    $9.47 - $101.62
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  • Camie 385 Webbing Screen Printers Adhesive, 12oz can.

    Camie 385 Webbing Screen Printers Adhesive

    A clear pressure-sensitive webbing adhesive that will not wrinkle the work while in use.  Specifically designed for fleece and other high density garments. Fast Tack Provides a temporary bond for heavyweight materials Remains pressure-sensitive...

    $9.14 - $97.70
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  • Sprayway 384 Fast Tack Spray Pallet Adhesive

    Sprayway Fast Tack 384 Flash Adhesive

    Pallet adhesive specially formulated for flash-cure applications Remains tacky; perfect for applications and temperatures required to cure plastisol inks Safe to use on any fabric High-quality industrial grade spray adhesive Will not transfer to...

    $8.75 - $99.95
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  • Chromaline TexTac Pallet Adhesive, Gallon

    Chromaline TexTac Pallet Adhesive

    Chromaline TexTac is a water-based, pressure-sensitive adhesive designed for adhering textiles to pallets in the screen printing process. TexTac provides consistent registration without transferring to the garment. • Retains tack for 200...

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  • PMI 380 Dual-Tack Pallet Tape


    PMI 380 Dual-Tack Pallet Tape

    Sticky on both sides, holds garment in place without spray adhesive.For screen print and direct-to-garment pallets. Double sided adhesive Heat resistant Leaves no residue Extend the life of the adhesive with just water and a sponge! 36 yds (108...

    $46.15 - $53.85
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  • Pallet and Platen Tape

    Pallet and Platen Tape

    Nekoosa PerfecTear 575 High Tack High tack paper application tape Smooth Release and tears cleanly - no stringy legging adhesive Pulls apart when adhesive touches to adhesive   Unwinds easily Wet or dry applications   LFA,...

    $59.95 - $64.95
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