Pallet Tape and Adhesives

  • American Niagara Platinum 200 Mist Adhesive Spray. 19oz Can

    ANC Platinum 200 Mist Adhesive Spray

    All Purpose Mist Spray Adhesive - Ideal for Screen Printers, Embroidery Shops Love it Too! A pressure sensitive pallet adhesive that's non-staining, offers quick tack, low soak-in, and won't wrinkle fine materials. Creates a strong bond that allows...

    $7.33 - $79.95
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  • Tekmar TB-EZ High Strength Pallet Adhesive for High Performance Fleece and Fabrics, Gallon

    Tekmar TB-EZ High Tack Pallet Adhesive

    TEKMAR TB-EZ is the first Pallet adhesive developed specifically for use with the new polyester Performance Fabrics. It has high strength and will not loose it’s tack even during repeated flashing. Performance fabrics contain silicones and Teflon...

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  • Tekmar TB-10 Water Based Pallet Adhesive, Gallon

    Tekmar TB-10 Water Based Pallet Adhesive

    TEKMAR TB-10 Water Based Adhesive is a revolutionary new pallet adhesive developed specifically for the textile screen printing industry. It is non-staining, long lasting and a totally environmentally safe product. This non-hazardous, non-flammable...

    $49.50 - $235.15
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  • Tekmar Tekbond TB-HV Pallet Adhesive, 1 Gallon

    Tekmar Tekbond TB-HV Water Based Pallet Adhesive

    TEKMAR TB-HV is a revolutionary new water-based pallet adhesive with no solvents or other hazardous ingredients, and is completely non-hazardous. TB-HV affords tremendous economy. 1 quart can replace up to 36 cans of spray adhesive. Up to 70 shirts can...

    $7.45 - $60.00
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  • Sprayway Fast Tack 383 Webbing Pallet Adhesive, 15oz can

    Sprayway Fast Tack 383 Web Pallet Adhesive

    Web type economy pallet adhesive Ideal for screen printing heavier type fabrics Pressure-sensitive formula makes it reposition-able without losing its strength Sprays on easily and evenly Will not transfer to fabric 20oz can (13oz net wt)

    $7.75 - $84.45
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  • Camie 375 Screen Printers Flash Cure Adhesive, 14oz Can

    Camie 375 Flash Cure Spray Adhesive

    Specifically designed for screen printing with the flash cure process. Camie 375 is a clear mist adhesive that will hold most textile products, including fleece, and remains tacky after many heat cycles clear mist holds heavy garments, including...

    $9.03 - $108.35
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  • Camie 380 Screen Printers Adhesive, 14oz Can

    Camie 380 pressure-sensitive pallet adhesive

    Specially designed pressure-sensitive pallet adhesive for textile screen printers, provides a temporary bond for light weight materials. quick tack low soak-in will not wrinkle fine materials will not stain fabric remains tacky for extended...

    $9.47 - $101.62
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  • Camie 385 Webbing Screen Printers Adhesive, 12oz Can

    Camie 385 Webbing Screen Printers Adhesive

    A clear pressure-sensitive webbing adhesive that will not wrinkle the work while in use.  Specifically designed for fleece and other high density garments. Fast Tack Provides a temporary bond for heavyweight materials Remains pressure-sensitive...

    $9.14 - $97.70
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  • Sprayway 384 Fast Tack Pallet Adhesive, 15oz can

    Sprayway Fast Tack 384 Flash Adhesive

    Pallet adhesive specially formulated for flash-cure applications Remains tacky; perfect for applications and temperatures required to cure plastisol inks Safe to use on any fabric High-quality industrial grade spray adhesive Will not transfer to...

    $8.75 - $99.95
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  • Chromaline TexTac Pallet Adhesive, Gallon

    Chromaline TexTac Pallet Adhesive

    Chromaline TexTac is a water-based, pressure-sensitive adhesive designed for adhering textiles to pallets in the screen printing process. TexTac provides consistent registration without transferring to the garment. • Retains tack for 200...

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  • PMI 380 Dual-Tack Pallet Tape


    PMI 380 Dual-Tack Pallet Tape

    Sticky on both sides, holds garment in place without spray adhesive.For screen print and direct-to-garment pallets. Double sided adhesive Heat resistant Leaves no residue Extend the life of the adhesive with just water and a sponge! 36 yds (108...

    $46.15 - $53.85
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  • Nekoosa GXP575 PerfecTear Pallet and Platen Tape

    Nekoosa GXP575 PerfecTear Pallet and Platen Tape

    PerfecTear™ paper application tape takes the hassle and mess out of using transfer tapes. Tape tears cleanly with no stringy legging adhesive and the improved adhesive system is very forgiving. If adhesive touches adhesive, PerfecTear pulls apart...

    $59.95 - $64.95
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