• Camie 999 Dry Silicone Spray

    Camie 999 Dry Silicone Spray

    Camie 999 is a release agent/lubricant dispersed in solvent. Its active ingredient complies with FDA regulations. This product can be used as a lubricant for certain applications. Camie 999 is an...

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  • Camie 375 Screen Printers Flash Cure Adhesive, 14oz Can

    Camie 375 Flash Cure Spray Adhesive

    Specifically designed for screen printing with the flash cure process. Camie 375 is a clear mist adhesive that will hold most textile products, including fleece, and remains tacky after many heat...

    $9.03 - $108.35
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  • Camie 480 Screen Opener, 15oz Can

    Camie 480 Screen Opener Spray

    Uses a blend of solvents to provide instantaneous cleaning of plugged screens and to loosen plastisol inks from screens.  It works fast and efficiently to reduce downtime and speed production...

    $8.55 - $97.00
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