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 In addition to the chemicals, equipment, and doodads you need every day, we're also proud to offer a wide selection of

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  • Triple Durometer Squeegees


    Triple Durometer Squeegees

    High performance triple durometer polyurethane squeegee blade. A three layered blade with printing characteristics of the soft outer edge with a stiffer 90 durometer center to minimize bending and maintain correct squeegee angle and blade flex. 6' and...

    $35.95 - $72.95
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  • Single Durometer Squeegee with Handle


    Single Durometer Squeegee

    60 durometer  - A softer squeegee for situations where a higher volume of ink is desired, for higher opacity and coverage. Use for printing white on black tee shirts, or any high opacity color ink on dark garments.70 durometer - Medium hardness...

    $3.95 - $54.95
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  • Goop Scoop


    Goop Scoop

    The re-usable Goop Scoop is great for scooping, mixing, transferring ink, and cleaning ink from the bottom and sides of your buckets. Available in quart and gallon sizes.

    $3.00 - $3.50
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  • Bucket Scoop Original


    Bucket Scoop

    Patented Monkey-Thumbs allows scoop to hang from edge of bucket to keep the handle out of the mess. Rigid aluminum construction Will not rust Not affected by solvents Stores on edge of bucket with Monkey-Thumbs Designed to keep your hands out of...

    $6.90 - $14.55
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  • Silver Mixing Stick


    Silver Mixing Stick

    Mixes, scoops and easy to clean!  Made from solid, smooth aluminum. Strong enough to mix and scoop the thickest inks. Each stick comes with 2 hex helpers.

    $4.50 - $19.95
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  • Aluminum Dual-Edge Scoop Coater


    Scoop Coater

    Our scoop coaters feature two coating edges; A sharp edge for a thin coat on higher screen mesh A rounded edge for a thicker coating on lower mesh screens, or heat transfers. Extruded from T5 aluminum our scoop coater is easy to handle, rests...

    $1.25 - $22.45
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