Matsui Additives

  • Matsui Foil Adhesive TFG-301

    Matsui Foil Adhesive TFG-301

    Foil Adhesive TFG 301 is an adhesive base for flock sheets, foil transfer and Reflectalite SK sheet. It has excellent adhesion qualities. Can be printed on most textile fabrics where a printable adhesive is needed. Great for adhering fabric...

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  • Matsui Foil Blocker 301

    Matsui Foil Blocker 301

    Foil Blocker 301 is an anti-foil base that keeps foil from sticking to the desired print area. Print Foil Blocker 301 in the area where you don’t want the foil to stick

    $14.83 - $51.75
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  • Matsui Softener MG

    Matsui Softener MG

    Softener MG is a silicone softener. Blend in to water base inks at 10% to act as a foil release agent. Softener MG at 20% mixed in to water also makes an excellent cleaning solution for cleaning screens and mixing utensils.

    $22.33 - $85.50
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  • Matsui Fixer L

    Matsui Fixer L

    Use Fixer L at 2-3% Fixer L is an air dry additive and helps improve wash fastness. Fixer L can help when lower cure temperatures or faster belt speeds are needed. The pot life of the ink is roughly 24 hours once mixed. This fixer meets ALL RSL...

    $55.67 - $235.50
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  • Matsui Fixer WF-N

    Matsui Fixer WF-N

    Use Fixer WF-N at 1-4% to help with wash fastness. Fixer WF-N lowers the cure temperature to 300°F/150°C. There is no limited pot life with Fixer WF-N. This fixer does meet All RSL’s (Restricted Substance List) of all major brands.

    $37.17 - $152.25
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  • Matsui Quick Additive Quart

    Matsui Quick Additive

    Matsui Quick Additive will help extend the open time of your screen, and keep the ink from clogging.  It also improves wash & crock fastness.  For shops that are using three additives (Retarder MG + Softener MG + Fixer WF-N) this is an...

    $25.00 - $97.50
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