Accessories and Consumables

  • Saati Ultrafix CA 100 Frame Adhesive

    SAATI Ultrafix Frame Adhesive

    SAATI Ultrafix CA products are spray-activated 1-part frame adhesives used to adhere screen mesh to all types of frames. Spray-activated cyanoacrylate (CA) adhesive Mounts screen mesh onto aluminum, steel, iron, plastic-coated, and wood frames CA100...

    $51.23 - $64.93
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  • NoBull Masking Tape

    NoBull Masking Tape

    Semi-Crepe Masking Tape in 2 inch and 3 inch widths, 60 yards long. Available in individual rolls or by the case. 2 inch rolls are 24 to a case. 3 inch rolls are 12 to a case  

    $4.77 - $114.48
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  • Camie 999 Dry Silicone Spray

    Camie 999 Dry Silicone Spray

    Camie 999 is a release agent/lubricant dispersed in solvent. Its active ingredient complies with FDA regulations. This product can be used as a lubricant for certain applications. Camie 999 is an ideal parting and release agent for most applications once...

    $8.79 - $105.43
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  • Screen Printing Test Tubes

    Screen Printing Test Tubes

    Screen printing cotton test tubes aka strike-offs, tubies, or test fabric. These are tee shirts without sleeves or collar. Packaged flat, they handle as easily as pellons. They come in assorted colors to better allow you to match your test print...

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  • Test pellons, 16 inch by 18 inch, black or white

    Screen Printing Pellon Squares

    Test pellons for running test prints before production runs. They help you by showing pin-holes or other mistakes in your screen, and assuring accurate registration before printing on your more expensive stock. 16 x 18 in. White or Black 100...

    $42.00 - $207.50
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  • Waterproof Inkjet Positive Film Sheets

    Waterproof Inkjet Film

    Premium, waterproof inkjet media for the production of high-quality photopositives and photonegatives. Dries instantaneously Impervious to water and humidity Creates high quality water resistant positives from standard inkjet printers.

    $19.95 - $58.95
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  • Ultimate Cleanup Cards, Case of 1500

    The Ultimate Cleanup Card

    The Ultimate Clean-Up Card is an inexpensive, disposable ink cleaning tool for screen printers. It is convenient, simple to use, and reduces clean-up times.  Low Cost - Time and material saving exceed the cost of a card.Saves Time...

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  • Kor-Chem Hands Down, Gallon

    Kor-Chem Hands Down

    Kor-Chem Hands Down Hands Down is a heavy-duty hand cleaner specially formulated with scrubbing microbeads that provide a gentle deep cleaning action. It easily penetrates, cleans and removes ink, paint, coatings, grease, oil, dirt and virtually all...

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  • SAATI HC8 Green Apple Hand Cleaner, 4 oz

    SAATI HC8 Hand Cleaner

    SAATI HC8 Green Apple Hand Cleaner Personal cleaner designed for safe and easy removal of the toughest industrial dirt and grime including inks, oils & grease, paints, plumbers putty and other oily soils. Green, water-based lotion Mildly...

    $3.45 - $37.45
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  • CCI Hand Pro Hand Cleaner with Conditioner


    CCI Hand Pro Hand Cleaner with Conditioner

    ProChem Hand Pro is a heavy duty, waterless, hand cleaner and conditioner containing pumice. It is formulated to remove ink, grease, and adhesives. This product is an organic-based, non-toxic cleaner, which is water-soluble. ProChem Hand Pro’s...

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  • Sprayway Crazy Clean Wipes, Tub of 70

    Sprayway Crazy Clean Wipes

    Gentle citrus-scented towels Strong enough to cut through tar, grease, wax, ink, paint, lubricants and adhesives Waterless cleaner fortified with an emollient and natural oils The perfect product when you don't have access to soap and water Quick...

    $26.45 - $132.23
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  • CCI Envirowipes


    CCI Envirowipes 150ct

    CCI EnviroWipes are an environmentally friendly solution that’s tough enough to clean screens and many other substrates. EnviroWipes Ink and Screen Wipes are made for screen printing applications using plastisol and water-based inks. These...

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  • Replaceable Red Scrub Pad

    Replaceable Scrubber Pad, Medium Red

    A replaceable medium-duty scrub pad for ink removal, emulsion removal, and de-hazing. Use with the teal scrub handle and save money by replacing just the pad. 6 inch by 3.5 inch by 1 inch

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  • Replaceable Scrubber Handle

    Replaceable Scrubber Handle

    This reusable scrub pad handle has fine plastic bristles that hold the replaceable scrub pads tight to the handle. The handle will outlast several replaceable pads

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