Mesh and Screen Making

  • Saati CA Activator A

    Ultrafix CA Activator A

    Cures cyanoacrylate adhesive instantly upon spray application Forms a quick and permanent bond with most cyanoacrylate (CA) glues The aerosol spray eliminates surges that cause overlaps and missed spots associated with pump spray...

    $21.68 - $260.16
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  • Saati Ultrafix CA 100 Frame Adhesive

    SAATI Ultrafix Frame Adhesive

    SAATI Ultrafix CA products are spray-activated 1-part frame adhesives used to adhere screen mesh to all types of frames. Spray-activated cyanoacrylate (CA) adhesive Mounts screen mesh onto aluminum, steel, iron, plastic-coated, and wood frames CA100...

    $51.23 - $64.93
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  • Sprayway 050 Worlds Best Glass Cleaner, 14oz Can

    Sprayway SW050 Foaming Glass Cleaner

    Clean and polish any glass surface with this easy-to-use, fast-acting glass cleaner. Sprayway Glass Cleaner is ammonia-free, cleans thoroughly without leaving streaks, dries quickly, and leaves a clean, fresh scent. Ammonia-Free Foaming Action Fresh...

    $3.25 - $31.75
  • SAATI SAATILENE HITEX screenprinting mesh fabric

    Saati Saatilene HITEX Screen Mesh

    SAATI Satilene HiTex screenprinting mesh fabric High quality untreated textile mesh without the high cost For the printer looking to save on cost while not compromising the printing outcome, Saati is pleased to offer Saati Hitex printing mesh. Hitex...

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  • CCI The Pink Stuff Degreaser and Dehazer, Gallon


    CCI The Pink Stuff Degreaser and Dehazer

    Are you looking for the household cleaner? Click Here: “The Pink Stuff” is a viscous ghost/image stain remover and degreaser that is designed for all ink systems. This product removes stains with less noticeable odor and...

    $24.02 - $270.20
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  • Kor-Chem LD-150, Gallon

    Kor-Chem LD-150

    Kor-Chem LD-150 Liquid Degreaser Concentrate LD-150 is formulated with a powerful combination of surfactants and emulsifiers that rapidly penetrate grease and oil. LD-150 dissolves grease on new screens and prepares them for the first use. Use LD-150...

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  • Nutralyze Fabric Degreaser Quart


    CCI Nutralyze Fabric Degreaser and Wetter

    This is a super concentrated formula for degreasing and wetting all types of screen fabrics, including polyester, nylon and stainless steel. When completely water rinsed, NUTRALYZE® leaves your fabric free of silicones or other types of...

    $10.50 - $16.53
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  • SAATI Direct Prep 2 mesh degreaser with wetting agent, quart

    SAATI Direct Prep 2

    SAATI Direct Prep 2 mesh degreaser and wetting agent SaatiChem Direct Prep 2 is more than just a screen degreaser. It also includes a wetting agent, making the screen more “wet-able” than an untreated, or simply degreased screen. This unique...

    $9.45 - $28.95
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  • SAATI HC8 Green Apple Hand Cleaner, 4 oz

    SAATI HC8 Hand Cleaner

    Personal cleaner designed for safe and easy removal of the toughest industrial dirt and grime including inks, oils & grease, paints, plumbers putty and other oily soils. Green Apple or Cherry Red Scent Water-based lotion Mildly abrasive to...

    $3.45 - $37.45
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  • CCI Envirowipes


    CCI Envirowipes 150ct

    CCI EnviroWipes are an environmentally friendly solution that’s tough enough to clean screens and many other substrates. EnviroWipes Ink and Screen Wipes are made for screen printing applications using plastisol and water-based inks. These...

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  • Replaceable Red Scrub Pad

    Replaceable Scrubber Pad, Medium Red

    A replaceable medium-duty scrub pad for ink removal, emulsion removal, and de-hazing. Use with the teal scrub handle and save money by replacing just the pad. 6 inch by 3.5 inch by 1 inch

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  • Replaceable Scrubber Handle

    Replaceable Scrubber Handle

    This reusable scrub pad handle has fine plastic bristles that hold the replaceable scrub pads tight to the handle. The handle will outlast several replaceable pads

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