Solvents and Press Wash

Solvents to clear screens, and clean the press area.

  • Tekmar Formula TS-3 Spot Cleaning Fluid, Gallon

    Tekmar Texstyle Formula TS-3

    TS-3 is for use in a spot cleaning gun, and will instantly remove 100% of cured plastisol inks.  If will also remove most water based, catalyst, nylon and puff ink types, as well as most adhesives used on transfers and heat transfer lettering. This...

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  • Sprayway SW050 Foaming Glass Cleaner, 19oz Can

    Sprayway SW050 Foaming Glass Cleaner

    Clean and polish any glass surface with this easy-to-use, fast-acting glass cleaner. Sprayway Glass Cleaner is ammonia-free, cleans thoroughly without leaving streaks, dries quickly, and leaves a clean, fresh scent. Ammonia-Free Foaming Action Fresh...

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  • Sprayway Fast Open 957 Screen Opener

    Sprayway Fast Open 957 Screen Opener

    Opens dried-up areas on screens Compatible with all types of screen printing inks Regular use helps to prevent clogging and work delays Guaranteed to leave no film For use on screens made with photogenic stencil (direct or indirect), or...

    $7.75 - $85.45
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  • Camie 480 Screen Opener Spray

    Camie 480 Screen Opener Spray

    Uses a blend of solvents to provide instantaneous cleaning of plugged screens and to loosen plastisol inks from screens.  It works fast and efficiently to reduce downtime and speed production. It is specially formulated to provide the user with the...

    $8.55 - $97.00
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  • CCI SR-97 Spot Cleaning Fluid Gallon


    CCI SR-97 Spot Cleaning Fluid

    CCI SR-97 is a premium spot cleaning fluid for the removal of cured inks including plastisol, water based and flock adhesive. The fast-drying formula removes ink quickly without allowing the ink to bleed and spread.  Ultra-pure ingredients ensure...

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  • CCI Envirowipe Gallon


    Envirowipe Nature's Press Wash

    ENVIROWIPE is a soy & citrus based cleaner that removes plastisol and other inks without attacking the emulsion. It is also an excellent cleaner for the removal of pallet and belt printer's adhesives. Emulsion Safe Mesh Safe Non...

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  • SAATI PW4 Press Wash

    SAATI Remove PW4 Press Wash

    SAATI Remove PW4 Press Wash This is an ink solvent for plastisol inks. It is meant to be used on-press for color changes, to unclog screens, and remove dried ink, spray adhesives, or tape residue. It evaporates quickly, is non-flammable, and has a...

    $14.95 - $53.45
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  • CCI Envirowipes


    CCI Envirowipes 150ct

    CCI EnviroWipes are an environmentally friendly solution that’s tough enough to clean screens and many other substrates. EnviroWipes Ink and Screen Wipes are made for screen printing applications using plastisol and water-based inks. These...

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  • CCI CG-3 Press Wash Gallon


    CCI CG-3 Press Wash

    This product is designed for the removal of plastisol and UV inks when reclaiming your screens. CG-3 is emulsion and capillary stencil safe. It will protect the fabric from deep stains or ghosting from the image print, which will make it much easier when...

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  • SAATI HC8 Green Apple Hand Cleaner, 4 oz

    SAATI HC8 Hand Cleaner

    SAATI HC8 Green Apple Hand Cleaner Personal cleaner designed for safe and easy removal of the toughest industrial dirt and grime including inks, oils & grease, paints, plumbers putty and other oily soils. Green, water-based lotion Mildly...

    $3.45 - $37.45
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