• Saati HR3 Haze Remover, Quart

    Saati HR3 Haze Remover

    Saati HR3 Haze Remover Removes stains, haze, ghost images from mesh for screen recycling.  Works in minutes. Characteristics One-Part, ready to use paste Strong yet gentle on mesh Smooth...

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  • Saati PW10 Press Wash, Quart

    Saati PW10 Press Wash

    Saati PW10 Press Wash Removes ink from screen and on-press. Recommended for use with Plastisol inks. Apple scent Economical Will not lock up plastisol resistant only emulsions When wiped with...

    $12.26 - $163.86
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  • Saati PW2 Press Wash, Quart

    Saati PW2 Press Wash

    Saati PW2 Press Wash Apple Scented Press Wash for PlastisolRemoves ink from screen and on-press Recommended for use with Plastisol inks. Flash point 61ºC/142ºF Apple...

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  • Saati Remove ER13 Emulsion Remover, 5 Gallons

    Saati Remove ER13

    Saati Remove ER13 Emulsion Remover Removes all stencil types. Fast acting effective Economical Most concentrated liquid reclaimer Dilutes 1:60 by volume or 1:50 by weight to make full strength...

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  • Saati Remove IR1 Ink Remover, 5 Gallons

    Saati Remove IR1

    Saati Remove IR1 Ink Remover Ink degradent for solvent based and 2-part inks. Can be used for manual or automatic cleaning. Safe on CA glue and safe to go down drains. Safe on...

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  • Saati Remove IR29 Non-Foaming Ink Remover, 5 Gallons

    Saati Remove IR29

    Saati Remove IR 29 Non-Foaming Ink Remover to clean solvent-based, UV-cured & textile inks Characteristics No foam & low odor and can be used for manual or automatic cleaning...

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  • Saati Remove PW5, Quart

    Saati Remove PW5 Press Wash

    Saati Remove PW5 Press Wash Removes ink from screen and on-press. Recommended for use with Solvent based, UV-Cured inks and 2-part inks. Flash point 56ºC/132ºF Slower drying product...

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  • Saati Ultrafix CA 100 Frame Adhesive

    SAATI Ultrafix Frame Adhesive

    SAATI Ultrafix CA products are spray-activated 1-part frame adhesives used to adhere screen mesh to all types of frames. Spray-activated cyanoacrylate (CA) adhesive Mounts screen mesh onto...

    $51.23 - $64.93
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  • Sasati Duralife Squeegee

    Single Durometer Squeegee

    Squeegee for textiles. Choose form 3 different durometers to get the best print results based on the specific print job.SAATI squeegees are manufactured with an exclusive urethane formulation for...

    $29.95 - $54.95
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  • Triple Durometer Squeegees

    Triple Durometer Squeegees

    High performance SAATI Duralife CE triple durometer polyurethane squeegee blade. A three layered blade with printing characteristics of the soft outer edge with a stiffer 90 durometer center to...

    $35.95 - $72.95
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  • Saati CA Activator A

    Ultrafix CA Activator A

    Cures cyanoacrylate adhesive instantly upon spray application Forms a quick and permanent bond with most cyanoacrylate (CA) glues The aerosol spray eliminates surges that cause...

    $21.68 - $260.16
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  • Saati Textil PV emulsion

    SAATI Textil PV Emulsion

    SAATI Textil PV Pure Photopolymer Emulsion For garment printing with plastisol ink.  Characteristics Red pure photopolymer direct emulsion resistant to plastisol ink, abrasion and...

    $26.95 - $289.95
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  • SAATI Remove IR4 Quart

    SAATI Remove IR4 Ink Remover

    SAATI Remove IR4 Saati Saatichem Remove IR4 ink remover is an ink degradent for plastisol / textile and nylon inks. It is meant to be used off-press in a washout booth to remove ink from the mesh...

    $12.95 - $179.95
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  • SAATI SAATILENE HITEX screenprinting mesh fabric

    Saati Saatilene HITEX Screen Mesh

    SAATI Satilene HiTex screenprinting mesh fabric High quality untreated textile mesh without the high cost For the printer looking to save on cost while not compromising the printing outcome, Saati...

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  • Saati Remove IR11 Ink Remover

    SAATI Remove IR11 Ink Remover

    SAATI Remove IR11 Ink degradent and remover for UV & Solvent inks Can be used for manual or automatic cleaning Safe on CA glue and safe to go down drains Safe on UV and solvent-resistant...

    $18.45 - $202.45
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  • Saati Remove ER25 Emulsion Remover, Quart

    Saati Remove ER25 Emulsion Remover

    Concentrated liquid emulsion remover that removes all stencil types Liquid concentrate Dissolves easily Fast acting and effective Odor free Biodegradable Classified as non-hazardous for...

    $20.75 - $65.95
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  • Saati ER6 Emulsion Remover, Quart

    SAATI Remove ER6 Emulsion Remover

    SAATIchem Remove ER6 Emulsion Remover Versatile One-step ink/emulsion combo remover for manual and automatic cleaning Effectively cleans all types of textile inks and emulsions Easy to use one...

    $11.95 - $27.95
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  • SAATI Textil PHU Emulsion

    SAATI Textil PHU Emulsion

    SAATI Textil PHU Emulsion General Purpose photoemulsion for all ink types Can be used with plastisol, water-based, and discharge inks Pure photopolymer direct emulsion No mixing...

    $19.45 - $284.95
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  • Saati Saatitex PHU2 emulsion

    SAATI SAATItex PHU2 emulsion

    SAATI SAATItex PHU2 emulsion is a pure photopolymer emulsion that is universally suitable for all inks, including solvent, water-base, and discharge inks. Dyed red One-part, pre-sensitized. ...

    $19.45 - $59.95
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  • Saati SAATItex PHU-MT Emulsion, Quart

    Saati SAATItex PHU-MT Emulsion

    All purpose solvent and water resistant photoemulsion Characteristics Blue one part pure photopolymer emulsion with universal ink resistance Exposes 8X faster than typical two part...

    $19.45 - $284.95
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