• Saati SAATItex PHU-HR Universal Emulsion, Quart

    Saati SAATItex PHU-HR Emulsion

    Saati SAATItex PHU-HR Emulsion All purpose solvent and water resistant photoemulsion Red one part pure photopolymer emulsion with universal ink resistance SBQ technology exposes 6x faster than...

    $19.45 - $59.95
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  • Saati Grafic HU Quart

    SAATI Grafic HU

    SAATI Grafic HU Emulsion For UV-cured, plastisol, solvent-based and water-based inks Dual-cure direct emulsion Excellent print definition on any mesh Upon drying, stencils lack the typical...

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  • Saati Grafic HU42 Emulsion, Quart

    Saati Grafic HU42 Emulsion

    Saati Grafic HU42 Dual-Cure graphics emulsion General industrial and display graphics, compact disc, half-tone printing. Characteristics Dual-cure direct emulsion for printing UV cured,...

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  • SAATI PW4 Press Wash

    SAATI Remove PW4 Press Wash

    SAATI Remove PW4 Press Wash This is an ink solvent for plastisol inks. It is meant to be used on-press for color changes, to unclog screens, and remove dried ink, spray adhesives, or tape residue...

    $14.95 - $154.39
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  • Saati Finish S1, Quart

    Saati Finish S1 Red

    Saati SAATIchem Finish S1 Red liquid blockout / filler Use with solvent, UV-curable, and plastisol inks. Water-based, contains no solvents and is pleasant smelling. Spreads smoothly and uniformly...

    $10.95 - $27.95
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  • Saati Finish S2, Quart

    Saati Finish S2 Blue

    Saati Finish S2 Blue Liquid Blockout and Filler Saati Finish S2 blue blockout is thicker than the Finish S1, features increased filling power when used on coarse mesh, and more resistance to...

    $11.95 - $34.45
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  • SAATI Direct Prep 2 mesh degreaser with wetting agent, quart

    SAATI Direct Prep 2

    SAATI Direct Prep 2 mesh degreaser and wetting agent SaatiChem Direct Prep 2 is more than just a screen degreaser. It also includes a wetting agent, making the screen more “wet-able”...

    $9.45 - $28.95
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  • Saati Diazo 11

    Saati Diazo 11

    SAATI DIAZO 11 is a light sensitive activator for producing screen-printing stencils. Instructions Add clean filtered water to the bottle, shake and allow to sit for 1 hour. Add this to...

    $9.97 - $44.60
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  • SAATI HC8 Green Apple Hand Cleaner, 4 oz

    SAATI HC8 Hand Cleaner

    Personal cleaner designed for safe and easy removal of the toughest industrial dirt and grime including inks, oils & grease, paints, plumbers putty and other oily soils. Green Apple or Cherry...

    $3.45 - $37.45
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