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  • WM Plastics Plastisol Screen Printing Inks

    Soft Cotton White I10-9500

    Soft Cotton White is our premium cotton white, formulated for the printers who want the softest feeling white possible. When printed through high mesh counts this white provides a feel that could be...

    $21.95 - $291.50
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  • Sun White Plus I10-9501

    Sun White Plus I10-9501

    WM Plastics Sun White Plus Sun White Plus is an economy cotton white, formulated for printers looking for a nice cotton white without a high price.  The combination of coverage and ease of...

    $33.70 - $287.58
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  • Brite White I10-9521

    Brite White I10-9521

    WM Plastics Brite White Brite White is an economical, general purpose white that provides good coverage and some bleed resistance on cotton/poly blends.  Even though it's an economy white, its...

    $37.44 - $373.69
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  • WM Plastics Ultimate White I10-9568

    Ultimate White I10-9568

    WM Plastics Ultimate White A high-opacity, low-bleed white formulated to be extremely bright and easy to print. Use for direct printing on light, medium, and dark colored garments - cotton/poly...

    $45.60 - $444.90
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  • WM Plastics Titan Poly White I10-9590

    Titan Poly White I10-9590

    WM Plastics Titan Poly White Titan Poly White is our best bleed resistant white and the best choice for garments that are prone to dye migration. While the body of this white is heavier than...

    $58.80 - $602.75
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  • WM Plastics

    Majestic Black I10-2195

    Majestic Black is an economical black that works great for manual or automatic presses.  This black holds good edge definition while providing a soft hand.  Though the body of this black is...

    $28.55 - $216.65
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  • WM Plastics

    Black Cream I10-2280

    Black Cream is a premium high performance black ink that is formulated with a super creamy texture that will not water down like most blacks.  This black has the hightest mat down properties and...

    $36.29 - $344.51
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